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The tree having shed all its leaves stands with bare branches raised to the sky. There is a certain carefree joy in that stance, a devil-may-care attitude that catches my attention. It doesn’t seem to have heard that summer is already upon us. It is hardly the time to shed leaves and wait for shoots to grow back. All around are other trees covered in leaves, following the laws. But this tree seems to hear a different tune and follow its own rules. It couldn’t care less what others are doing or thinking.

Just like me.

Maybe that’s why I like the tree.

There are other reasons too. Like the way it looks all silvery against the dark blue night sky from the streetlight in the distance. I am damned if I know how to capture that with my camera. My night photography skills are very poor. But I can always enjoy its beauty with my eyes which is what I do every night when Luci and I stroll on the terrace. Well, to keep facts straight, Luci rolls on the cement floor and only I stroll. Anyways, between the starry night sky above and the silvery branches, my night is made.

Talking of starry nights, yes we are back to having the night sky sprinkled liberally with stars these days. There is one on the eastern sky these days that’s extra bright and looks as if it has a red border. Or it could be my eyes playing tricks. I am not even sure whether it’s a star or a planet. Sigh. But I was speaking of the tree and the reasons I like it.

The tree has neither colorful flowers, nor luscious fruits, but there you have it, birds and butterflies still flock to it. What could be better for a bird (and butterfly) lover than have a tree outside her window that they love? But right now, with the branches devoid of leaves it is only the crows and coucals that visit. When the leaves grow back, it will be a different story. Sunbird, woodpeckers, tailorbirds, bulbuls, flycatchers, barbets… will all be back. Then there are the centaur oakblues which seem to favor the tree.

I am waiting for them.


Soon. When the tree is back to its old glory they’ll surely be back. The tree is already on its way there, sprouting new young leaves in a beautiful light shade of green, much to the envy of other trees still clad in their same old color. It won’t be long now. In the meantime, I should redouble my efforts to find out the name of this friend of mine. Or maybe I’ll just call her Anamika, the nameless one.

©Shail Mohan 2016