Rather than being someone carrying the burden on her shoulders of excellence in any single subject or activity, I am content to be this person with her finger in a lot of pies. That way you get to taste the flavor of a variety of pies, but can only make a fair guess as to the ingredients which go into each. So, unfortunately, the thorough knowledge of the individual pies, so necessary to making you an authority on them, will be found lacking. You see what this means? It clearly states that I am a Jill-Of-All-Trades who is Master-Of-None.

Take my interests in life for example. I love to cook. I can make Kerala food, a few Chinese dishes, some North Indian ones, a couple or more from the different states. I can even bake a few cakes, make some savouries, sweets, sherbets, even something called Sharjah (not the place), the rage in God’s Own Country aka Kerala (There is also Abu Dhabi and others of the ilk). Still, am I an expert in any particular style of cooking? The answer is, no, nada, nyet.

I love to potter around my house doing all the work a normal homemaker does: dusting, tidying up, beautifying the rooms, cleaning, washing, taking care of the dog yada, yada, yada. But you can never accuse me of being fit to be at the pinnacle, wearing the mantle of Domestic Goddess Numero Uno. Oh no, never. My work gets done to a reasonably satisfactory level, mostly my level of satisfaction, definitely not the high standards set by the Union of Excellent Homemakers. My chances of making it to their exclusive group, is practically nil. Thank Heavens!

Music, books, blogs, movies, they all interest me. Birds, butterflies, photography, traveling are passions too. In short, I have varied interests. Yes, like I said, a finger in a lot of them pies. The thing is, the same applies to my writing too. I write articles, silly humor, sarcasm laced rants, introspective musings and more. The poetry I attempt is all free-verse, mostly sad, some-times thought-provoking, rarely happy. In fiction you will find my repertoire includes short stories, flash fiction, drabble, 55-worders and even 6 word stories. But I honestly cannot say I am the last word in any of these forms.

Yes, I am the quintessential Jill-Of-All-Trades, who is Master-Of-None. But guess what, I am perfectly happy where I am. I somehow don’t fancy being master of anything and hence answerable to loyal subjects. Being Jill the Nomad, weaving my way among the many ‘trades’ (interests) at will, with no pressure of excelling in any one among them, keeps me happy.

What about you? Do you burn with the desire to excel in anything?