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I have never done a Ten Thoughts Tuesday. So I thought why not let this be the first Tuesday when I list down ten of my thoughts. Wait! I’ll do that in a minute. First let me check whether it is indeed Tuesday, what with my inability to keep track of the days of the week.

Yup. It is indeed Tuesday, and here are my thoughts for what they are worth (Warning: May be quite worthless!). I don’t know if there are rules, if there are, know in advance they are being grandly flouted. Tchah. So here goes:

  1. It won’t really be bad if an asteroid comes hurtling down and finishes things for humanity once and for all. Really and truly.
  2. Anamika looks spectacularly beautiful, its branches covered in new shoots. img_20170206_182107.jpg
  3. Leaders of countries need a crash course in basic science before they can assume office or we will end up hearing nonsense like bhookamp (earthquake) being Mother Earth protesting. Like, really?
  4. The Principal of a college has said something to the effect that wearing trousers will make girls lose their ‘urge to reproduce’ (let me first stop laughing before I write the next line). Okay, done. Gorblimey. What luck I have two ‘reproductions’ of my own considering that I wore trousers all the time in the years before, ahem, ‘reproducing’.
  5. What if, just what if, nonsense could be garnered to generate power or something equally useful of the sort, for humanity? Imagine the possibilities. The mind boggles.
  6. A friend’s son (he’s so cute!) seems to have figured out that money, if not the root of all evil, is at least something superfluous. He says that we ought to do away with it. There would then be no robbers (No money to steal!) and there’ll be no poor people anywhere and no one will go hungry (No need to buy food, just go eat!). In addition we needn’t worry about breaking things at the store either (no need to pay the shopkeeper, no money after all!). What a grand idea, right? Any takers to implement it globally?
  7. Why do WhatsApp group members share *forwards* compulsively? I want to catch each of them by the collar and shake them till their teeth fall off. Good for my own teeth that they all stay far away. For your info, fellow WhatsAppers (in case you are reading): I am fed up to here, royally pissed off with your meaningless (and stupid) ‘shares’. All such groups stand permanently ‘muted’. So there!
  8. The Second Born has been whipping up some tasty dishes recently. I thoroughly enjoy playing his assistant (in my own kitchen too!) while he dons the mantle of chief chef.
  9. I don’t think I am good at this ten thought thing. I seem to have run out of thoughts. Or is it because there are too many and I am too lazy to think about and choose from among them? Or may be it is because Luci is snoring and that reminds me it is time to sleep.
  10. Hey, that’s ten and I am done. Hooray! I think I’ll do this again on other Tuesdays IF the mood strikes. And more importantly, IF I remember the day to be a Tuesday. 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017