My book

Love, Loss & Acceptance 

There is none who hasn’t been touched at least once in their lifetime by the ethereal wings of love. Where love is, you can be sure loss or heartbreak enters the picture sooner than later. When that happens, acceptance is forced to make an appearance to do as much damage control as possible. This here is a collection of poems on the joys of love, the hurt of loss and the resignation of acceptance, dedicated to the Muse who inspires.

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14 thoughts on “My book”

  1. Congrats. Is this your first book?

    Cheers : )

  2. Congratulations for your first book and I wish to succeed it. Please tell me, when I can get it in german Translation.
    regards magdalena

  3. chipmunk said:

    you write!!! its really awesome to know a writer 🙂 I am feeling proud 🙂 surely will read and let you know dear 🙂 🙂 way to go!!!!!

  4. Oh you published!! I didnt know! Lots I missed by being away! Btw. Am really trying to write now 😀 Oh and am ordering now!! If I had visited this page before.. I could have gotten your autograph!!!

  5. OMG. I did not know that you were published! I am (very very very ) late but well,Congratulations 😀 🙂
    May we get to read many more books by you 🙂

  6. Hey! I have written a book too:-)
    How to place them on sites like Flipkart ? could you help me out pls ?

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