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It is yet another Tuesday, the second of the series and here are my ten thoughts:

  1. Why are people such suckers for the copy-paste posts on Facebook? “Do not share, only copy and paste.” Cancer, autism, suicide awareness, they have all had their run and now the cost of medication is the latest. Putting up an update for an hour is supposed to help those affected in some way. Like, r.e.a.l.l.y? Who are they trying to kid? Their obliging ‘friends’ or they themselves? The latter, most likely. And you know what bugs me the most about such stupid statuses (apart from the stupidity of those sharing them, that is)? That these supposedly intelligent “friends” have not had the gumption to question the veracity or the efficacy of such posts.
  2. Frankly I don’t suffer fools gladly, especially not the willfully foolish kind determined to be foolish at all costs and also revel in their foolishness. Their prerogative, of course, to be as foolish as they want to be. But that does not mean I have to suffer them, does it? Let alone gladly.
  3. Now the above may get me reactions like, “Who does she think she is?” I’ll be glad to tell you. I am the same old Shail, certainly not the kind to swallow everything she is given on a platter status update on Facebook, and most definitely NOT the kind to copy and paste whatever sh*t her “friends” say should be copy pasted.
  4. Enough about stupid Facebook statuses. More than the statuses themselves it is the humans who share them that has me in a tizzy. Are these the kind of people I have gathered around myself? Why, Shail, why such stupidity? I have some serious doubt about myself now.
  5. Gosh, I have used the word ‘stupid’ quite a lot in this post. I’m not surprised. I used to call my Spitz ‘Stupidity’ too! No kidding. Of course, her name was Goofy. But then I also called her Cleopatra among other things.
  6. Whatever people may say about their love for Mumbai and its life, I am so glad to be back to my hometown and its clean air. I hate big cities. I understand Lord Emsworth’s (0f Wodehousian fame) reservations about having to go to London.
  7. The failure of arranged marriage is that its success rests solely on the frail shoulders of the bride. Of course her family’s financial status plays a role too. In spite it is she who bears the whole burden. (More coming up on the topic in a blog post yet to be written)
  8. The minute a flight lands you can hear a mass of click-clicks, people removing seat belts even as the announcement drones on in the background about the Captain’s request to keep the seat belt on. I saw one gentlemen hastily put the seat belt back on when he heard the announcement after having clicked it open on touchdown, and I inwardly said, “Way to go, Mister!” And he followed the instructions to the letter and only removed it when the sign changed. Good show, man!
  9. Empty vessels make the most noise goes the old adage. So do television sets, make a whole lot of noise, I mean. And some people too, who cannot keep their voice down while talking. Ahh, my poor ears! But they cannot be switched off like television sets.
  10. Anamika is regaining her past glory, and I am loving it.


©Shail Mohan 2017