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The intention had been to write of other things, but woman proposes and the sky disposes. The spectacular show it put up sent me scurrying down the stairs for my camera.

This is how the western sky looked at 6-35 p.m. Pale. In need of an extra coat of color.


Fifteen minutes later everything had changed. It was as if by then the color the sky had ordered (at Amazon?) had been delivered and was used liberally.


In the meantime to the east, the moon (not full, though) was up among the branches of the leafless Anamika peering with wonder at the sunset quite unaware of the pretty picture it was creating.

The moon might not have been aware, but I was drinking it all in with my eyes. This. This shall be my post today, I decided..

I could have stood there simply feasting my yes on the sky. But there was Lichee ice-cream for dessert and I needed to burn at least some calories before I ate some of it. So reluctantly I went back to my walk.

©Shail Mohan 2018