The problem with having been away from your blog for a while, even with peeking in happening every once in a while, is the overwhelming feeling of being lost. What shall I write about? Shall I write about This That Came To Mind, or That Which Bothered Me while gallivanting the countryside? Should the post be about Thingamabobs or Whatchamacallits or Something Else Altogether?

You see how it is, some serious qualms there about the right topic to choose from those squabbling for attention.  But then I have a policy, which has stood me in good stead in the past, and that is, when in doubt (or undecided) chuck the whole thing out to get back to later and instead make something up out of nothing. That will teach ’em topics to push and shove to be the first to get out and be displayed on the blog. Ha.

Now that a post about nothing out of nothing has filled the slot for today, I am at leisure to go back to the chucked out stuff and teach them some manners. Queue up , please, let’s have some order here! No pushing and shoving and confusing me. Each and every one of you will get your chance in due time. 

I hope they listen. But then I do have a good track record of making children listen to my ‘Listen!’ and aren’t these my children too, these words who reside in my thoughts and clamor to be born? As their mother I have a duty towards them. I must make sure the time is right for them to be born, that they are fully formed and well developed before they slip out to face the world. So for now I’ll let them nourish themselves a bit more and grow fatter before being let out.

Psst! The picture above is that of a Racket-tailed Drongo and has no connection to the post. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to click it while in flight. But I am thrilled that it sat still atop the coconut tree for me.

 ©Shail Mohan 2017

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