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This has been a lucky month with awards literally raining on me much like that sudden rain we Trivandrumites had this past week, just like that out of the blue, taking even the Met department by surprise I am told.  And you are not going to believe what the rain brought us. Nope, not in this life-time, not even if you put ALL available gray cells in your brain to the best possible use. So I am not even asking you to try. Just give up guys and gals. Don’t tax your brains uselessly. I will tell you what it was.

There we were the L & M and I, making small talk and marveling at the intensity of the rain. Luci was prancing around unconcerned with the lightning and thunder. I had an uneasy feeling about that. This was not how it was supposed to be. The dog had to be scared of the lightning and thunder. Only then could I get on that high horse of mine and make fun of her, secretly pleased at having someone around who was as scared as me. But Luci denied me that luxury and was busy being her naughtier (just one step short of naughtiest) self now that she had us at her mercy. With the power having gone at the first drop of rain, we weren’t going anywhere else in a hurry. So right then I had two things to contend with, Luci the nipper and the scary though awesome weather. In one of those lulls when Luci left me alone for a moment having found something better to chew on, and the L & M and I sat immersed in our own thoughts, we heard a loud PLOP.

There was almost knee-deep (my knee, not the L & M’s) water in our front yard by then. I stared at the object floating in it in amazement without uttering a word. So did the L & M. It was I who broke this silence.

“Where did that come from?” I asked bemused.

“Perhaps it was dropped on the sunshade by some crow and fell down…” said the L & M.

I secretly rolled my eyes. Well if L & M doesn’t know the answer, he will give the closest one he can find even if it does not fit facts. I mean the sound that something which rolls off a sunshade makes will be different from the sound of something that falls straight down. Besides we saw it fall straight down away from the walls of the house. So I rejected his explanation outright, in my mind.

I looked up to the sky (from the safety of the verandah where we were seated) and found only gray and menacing clouds scowling back at me and the incessant rain drops they felled with a vengeance.

“There are no birds flying either…” I said letting the L & M know gently that I did not buy his theory.

“Who could have thrown it?” he asked now. I rolled my eyes at this second theory of the L & M which also did not seem feasible.

There was no one in the lane outside and our house being at a height it is not possible for people to throw things at us. Besides why would they? Unless it is some aggrieved blogger fed up of aimless blogs which is one of the important reasons why I keep my address a secret. Anyways, the  PLOP that we heard indicated that it fell from a height straight down and was not from a sideways throw from somewhere nearby.

“A bird, probably a kite must have dropped it earlier! It must have lain tangled in the branches of the ornamental tree in the front yard and the torrential rain must have freed it now…”

Yeah, that must be it. The L & M found this a better explanation and nodded his head in agreement.

I know, I know. I have been dragging it on for a bit too long. My fear now is that when I reveal what it was that went PLOP in spite of the good people that you are, you might start throwing others of the sort at me. Gulp. Let me get it over quick: A (seemingly new) black sandal with white straps was what fell from the sky. And I bet none of you had even the remotest idea that this was what the rains brought or rather dropped.

OMG. Look where the word ‘rain’ led me when all I had wanted had been to mention in passing of the awards that rained on me this month and move on to the latest one.Yep, Aabha has once again conferred an award on me, the Christmas Blogging Award. Thank you Aabha. Accepting it involves some work, since I have to mention posts I have enjoyed reading. Now that IS hard work indeed with the sieve I have which passes for memory these days. Combine that with the sheer number that I read and you have a disaster when it comes to recalling things or pinpointing locations, especially with Dominating Playful Pups barking shrilly in your ears demanding that you move your butt and start throwing balls, NOW! But I am no shirker and as long as the DPP does not come bounding in and ask that I stop typing NOW, I can safely carry on and complete the tag.

Here is what it entails:

Nominate 10 fellow Bloggers

Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

Share 10 POSTS  you have enjoyed reading of ANY of your Blogger friends

Thank the Blogger who nominated you

Your Post should be PUBLISHED by 24th December 11 p.m

 ADD the Christmas Blogging Award picture to your Blog Post

Yes, I know! No, I haven’t missed the last but one point, that says I gotta publish it before 24th of Dec. But due to my poor eye-sight I read it as 27th. No kidding. And thinking today to be the last date I got busy writing it, with intentions of posting it pronto and to my horror found it said 24th! But… but….. BUT…. Aabha has not mentioned the yearTada! So I am well within the time limit. So there. Now this blog can go on forever and ever. Here are the ten I have chosen to do the tag:



Ashwathy (Krishnaleela)




Usha Dhanraj

Usha Pisharody

My Soul


Now for the 10 posts that I have enjoyed reading

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Well, these are random ones. There are a lot more I’d like to add. But my hands are tied, I can add only ten. And for adding more I will have to dig really deep into blog soil. Now, that requires time which I am really short of.

As for the thing that fell from the sky, the single black sandal with the white straps; the next morning found it nestling cozily on the sofa with a jubilant Luci presiding happily over proceedings with a thumping tail. Alas now instead of one whole you will only find fractions of the whole.