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This is serious. It is close to midnight and I have not come up with anything to write, by which of course, I mean anything that can be said in a few words. Those others which need a lot of words, are fighting each other for center stage. Out of my way, you eager-beavers, I tell them in no uncertain terms, move aside so that I can take a look at the smaller ones amongst you and make a choice. They are the ones I need today for today is Monday, the ‘micro’ blog day and it belongs to them.


Haven’t you seen how people holding the wrong numbers throng the counters at airports (this is an Indian specialty) refusing to step aside when the airline ground crew announce repeatedly, “All those from rows 21 to 30, please start boarding first”? By the way they have to be turned back from pushing through, one would think they did not know to read numbers. Anyway, in a similar manner, the long posts are refusing to step back and let the smaller ones board come to the fore.

Never mind, here it is, a ‘micro’ post, created out of practically nothing. 😉

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