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Brother (the Brother-in-Law) is talking to brother (Lord & Master) over the phone.

B-i-L: So is your kitten still around or has run away??

L & M: Its here alright.

B-i-L: What have you all named it??

L & M : Pepper

B-i-L: What??

L & M: Pepper….

B-i-L: What was that again?? (laughs)

L & M: (repeats) Pepper… (then in Malayalam) Kurumulaku!

B-i-L: Oho! (in all seriousness) Enna nee oru karyam cheyyu. Oru mutta eduthu, bull’s eye undakki ninte kurumulakum kootti adiykku… (Then do one thing, take an egg, make a bull’s eye and have it with some of your pepper)

I am not taking chances, currently guarding Pepper with my life  😐

Can you find Pepper in this picture??