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The worst of summer seems to be behind us now, though not for the rest of India. That doesn’t mean we aren’t getting stewed well and proper still, but to a lesser degree. The recent thunderstorms have done their bit.  Though they are welcome, the fear always exists of losing internet connection and power, what with trees (and posts) falling everywhere and cables snapping. The last time we had a twenty-four hours blackout. Imagine that. No fans whirring away, ineffectual as they are in stopping the perspiration dripping off you.


Rain-washed skies


A White=throated Kingfisher perched on a cable in the distance.


A Common Mime on the ixora


Raindrops on the moringa branch


The spider who wanted to be photographed too.

Three more weeks and the monsoons should arrive in style (if they are on schedule). I can’t wait! The birds and butterflies seem to know about it already because I am beginning to see more of them around… which is why I have a silly, happy grin plastered on my face. Though I don’t have a picture of said face (and who’d want to see it anyway?), I have above a few other pictures I clicked after the welcome showers. This should hold up the blog till I get back from some gallivanting. 😉

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