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  • While out on an errand today we drove past a place called Happy Foods Takeaway counter and a thought (Tuesday Thought!) struck me. What did the ‘happy’ in the name Happy Foods mean? That the food itself was a happy food or that the one who eats it will be happy after eating it? When I mused on this aloud, the L&M made some flippant remark about how when we opened the parcel we’d find the food grinning at us. Not helpful at all.
  • I don’t know about you, but lizards seek me out, I firmly believe. What I wrote in one of my early posts stands true to this day. The lizards are after me! I bet when a lizard wakes up in the morning, the first thought (not just on Tuesdays, but all days of the week!) that comes to its head is how best to scare the sh*t out of Shail that particular day. Today morning I was busy with the seat belt and what do I see when I look up? A lizard on the windscreen. I was about to open the door and jump out when the L&M told me it was on the outside. Having braved odds to scare me, the lizard – seemed to me a novice in the business – itself ended up getting frightened to death. It jumped this way and that, calling for its dear mummy to come to its aid, till finally deciding to take its chances by jumping off the hood to the tarred road below.
  • Come to think of it, I am laughing out loud to think that someone actually suggested (‘criticized’ would be a better word) that I wrote too many feminist posts. Why I shouldn’t be writing feminist posts is a moot point. I have already asked and answered the ‘Are you a feminist?‘ (Quick reveal: The answer is ‘yes!’) But in truth, the dude, the one who thought I wrote too many posts on gender issues, had got it all wrong. I feel, and this is my personal opinion backed by hard evidence, I have written more on lizards than anything else.
  • Here’s another thought. if you don’t do something anymore, or have lost interest in something, does it follow that others have also followed suit? The answer of course is, ‘stuff and nonsense!’. But still one has to spare a thought for the matter to set things straight considering there are people who think otherwise. A couple of years back I met a fellow blogger (He is a sweet chap, and we are really good friends btw, so no need to carry tales back to him. You know who you are, you telltales!) and he remarked that no one’s interested in blogging anymore, not one from our old crowd was posting anything these days. But, I replied, I have a blog up and running still. He then admitted sheepishly, Oh, I haven’t been reading. There, I rest my ‘case’.
  • Here’s a question: If there is no street in ‘Warm Street’ can it be really called ‘Warm Street’? The answer is, ‘Yes, you can!’ As long as you have imagination, anything goes.

And on that note, I am sparing you all and signing off with just half as many of ten thoughts this Tuesday.

© Shail Mohan 2021