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So, where were we?

Yes, I remember. We were in the first half of May with me lamenting about the sun playing truant. And here I am in the last days of the latter half of May, with the sun still missing. Just like me from my blog.

Unlike the sun though, I am back.

The sun, who has been on an extended – and unscheduled – holiday this month (like me!), did make an appearance on one day, the 18th of May, soon after I posted my lament about the missing sun. The impression given was that it had joined duty and would be managing the front office. We were foolish enough to rejoice. Our clothes would actually dry in the sun, we hoped. Oh how wrong we were! The capricious sun went missing the very next day having apparently submitted a hastily scrawled application for extended leave of absence which the dark clouds gleefully accepted.

We are back where we were, dark days and pouring rain. snails and moss, slushy backyards, slippery pathways, lushly growing vegetation in which an elephant could hide and more on those lines. One would expect talk of rain would include umbrellas as well. If you thought so too, you’d be wrong. With the lockdown in place and nowhere to go, except brief trips to the nearby vegetable store, umbrellas languish in anonymity. Forlorn at being denied their role of protecting human heads from getting wet and soggy in the rain, they spend days nostalgically reminiscing of their heydays of existence when ‘going out’ was the norm as opposed to ‘staying in’ in these Covid times

Looks like we are in for the long haul of wet season this year. If the cyclones (one that passed by, and another on the opposite side of the country, too far away) and the depression-caused rains weren’t enough, monsoons are going to start early this year, the weather people say. Nothing to do but switch on those lights to brighten up the insides of our homes and go about our day. Or night. The difference is immaterial as the two have almost blurred for us.

Let me celebrate the lone sunny day of May with a picture.

The sun lighting up the garden, as seen through a downstairs window.

© Shail Mohan 2021