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Rain is still a reluctant visitor waving to us from somewhere far, letting a few drops fall while snootily dashing away on some pretext or other. But there’s someone who is pleased as punch. Grass. Unbelievable as it may seem, they, who have been in hiding beneath the dry and dusty land have sprouted overnight as if by magic. A little water, that’s all WE need! And the sunshine too. Watch us flourish. Yes, I am watching them in amazement. What a difference a couple of light showers can do!

The lantana is blooming as if there is no tomorrow. I found a tiny Purple-rumped Sunbird busily sipping honey. Her excited chirping caught my attention in the middle of my chore of folding clothes, making me drop everything and rush out. After taking a few pictures, I checked the camera screen and found to to my dismay that I could not find the bird among all the flowers! What?!!! Where had she disappeared?!!! Not to worry though. The bird was there alright. It was just that I was unable to see the tiny thing, not until I uploaded the photos to my laptop. Sigh, I really need to go and get my eyes checked once again.

Blending with the surroundings, a female Purple-rumped Sunbird.
Then she jumped on to the branch, and sipped from the flowers below
And when she was done, she sat up straight and waved goodbye…..!

I hear that El Nino is playing games with us and is the reason we haven’t got enough rain so far, and won’t be getting our fair share in the coming months. A huge shortfall is expected and just the thought makes me sad. Last year there was way too much rain and this year it is going to be less, and either way it is a cause for concern.

© Shail Mohan 2019