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In the days since my last post I have been so busy that if anyone mentioned my blog I’d have been hard put to remember if I indeed had one. Naah. That’s an exaggeration. Of course I had a faint memory I owned one and also that it contained plenty of posts written by me over the years. But, but… did I still remember how to write, I wondered. So, here I am, testing my skills as it were.

Here’s what I did the last few days: With a house full of people, I went yakkety-yak-yak a lot, cooked and also ate good food, and generally had a good time. In spite, it was my intention to spend the hours just before sleep with my dear blog. But (Once again the ‘but’ butts in!) when I was done brushing my teeth, the scene was set for the battle royal between I Want To (Write) and No, I Want To (Seep), while I stood by helplessly.

No prizes though for guessing who won. The voice of I Want To (Write) having been rendered feeble by the busy day, it was No, I Want To (Sleep) who found the going pretty easy. Besides, No, I Want To (Sleep) had a secret weapon, the famed sandbag, at its disposal. A light tap with it was all it took for I Want To (Write) to go out like a light into a dreamless sleep.

That’s the story, a true one at that.

In other news, I have recently acquired a new title, that of Supreme Okra Provider, conferred on me by the niece. Since she is extremely fond of okras whenever she visits I try and make them for her just the way she likes. Hence the name. Check the message she left for me on the whiteboard in my kitchen. Right now The Grinning Aunt might suit me better 😉

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