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More monkey business happened.

We, that’s the L&M and yours truly were driving back from the airport after picking up the Second Born. A selfie was in order, I thought, and promptly took one and dashed it off to our family group.


The First Born was quick to reply:

There’s a monkey in your car! 🐒 
Same one from the photo the other day?

The jokes so far have all been at the SB’s expense. But who knows just when the tide turns and the FB finds himself at the receiving end?

On another note, Luci gave this brother of hers a rousing welcome. It was so deafening, I am told they heard it as far away as Timbuktu. Apparently folks there are stocking up on cotton balls to stuff their ears because they have realized repeat performances are in the offing – one for the big brother and another for the sister-in-law – in the coming week.

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