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There are two old ladies, one, now retired from service, staying in a big house all by herself and the other who works as a help in the houses in the neighborhood. Children of the lady in the big house wanted her to have someone over to sleep in the house at night so she might have someone around in case of emergency. She accordingly calls the house-help lady who readily agrees as it means some addition to her meager earnings. After all what difference will it make where she sleeps, in her own house or the old lady’s?

She realizes the hard way that there is indeed a huge difference. The lady in the big house refuses to let her use the bathroom, there are two of them in the big house, during the duration of her overnight stay, a matter of 11-12 hours. The house-help lady tries hard to reason with the lady in the big house: How can I guarantee that I won’t want to use the bathroom at night? Is it in my hands?  The state of her finances even makes her try out the arrangement for two weeks by the end of which, poor woman, she gives up.

Well, as for me, I am trying really hard to resist the temptation to throw a brick at a certain someone’s window and break it.

©Shail Mohan 2016


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