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So, this happened the day before.

I saw a monkey hanging on the gate to our house. By the time I came back to the balcony armed with my camera, the monkey was walking the wall, on its way to putting as much distance between us as possible. This was but natural. Luci was being her obnoxious best, barking at the simian in her loudspeaker-on-highest-volume voice of hers. You see, she takes the business of guarding her territory – which includes the area as far as her eye can see, and that’s quite far, believe me and sometimes extends to as far as she can hear too – quite seriously with a strict no-intruders policy in place. No cats, no peafowls, no hawkers and definitely no monkeys.

Anyways, I managed to take a couple of pictures of the simian and forgot all about it. Post dinner, the L&M asked me if I had shared the picture in our family group. Oooh, I had forgotten. I did so pronto, with a ‘today’s visitor’ tag. 

And this conversation ensued between the sons.

Second BornPreemptive joke: “I thought Second Born was coming on 20th?!”
First Born: I’m not getting the joke. Are you saying that is not you in the photo? 

The Second Born who knew how hard it was for his brother to resist pulling his leg, tried to get ahead. But the First Born wasn’t to be so easily thwarted from his life’s mission. You see what I mean? Interesting times ahead. I can’t wait for them to reach and the banter to begin. Live.

© Shail Mohan 2018