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Chunky Monkey

I don’t think I have written about ice-creams in a long long time. That’s because I was off ice-creams for quite a while, since 2008 in fact. Everyone wanted to know the reason why I had gone off ice-creams, but I hadn’t given anyone one. That I had decided to go off ice-creams was all anyone needed to know, I felt.

The year 2017 changed it all.

One fine day I decided to get back to ice-creams. And that’s why I was found gorging on a Chunky Monkey today. For a minute I wavered, swaying towards the charms of the one with avocado in it. But the walnuts tipped the scales in favor of the former and so Chunky Monkey it was. That’s the picture of it up there. Of course, I was not up to finishing it all on my own. So the sis and I shared it.

Nutella, walnuts, banana, vanilla ice-cream, all went into the making of it. The interesting part of the whole thing was the way it was made: mixed thoroughly, spread into a single layer and then rolled up expertly to be served garnished with chocolate sauce.  Deliciousness. But I now have to go back for the avocado ice-cream, I really, really must. 😉

Updated to add: The Making of the Chunky Monkey


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