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Today is one of those days.

The mind is totally blank, not for lack of topics, but for the reason that it keeps rejecting whatever comes up for consideration as a worthy topic for the day with a ‘No, not today, another day!’ Procrastination, that’s what it is up to. I don’t blame it though. It, the mind that is, feels it is on a holiday and serious (or non-serious for that matter) topics should wait when there’s more time to ponder upon it rather than be hastily beaten into shape and presented on the blog.

The holidaying mind is busy enjoying the walks, sunsets, ice-creams, shopping and the like. The sights and sounds of the invading your senses are so very different from your own place. But there are so many here from your own country (and region!) that you sometimes wonder if you are back home. On today’s outing, after a while, I lost count of the number of times I heard Malayalam being spoken.

Luci is not far from my mind (as if she ever could be!). Yesterday I stocked up on new treats for her. As soon as I reach home, she pokes her nose into each of my bags to search for goodies. Just the thought brings a smile to my face. But there is still time for that to happen. Till then I continue enjoying my holiday.

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