I am like the Vezhambal these days. For the uninitiated, Vezhambal is the Great Indian Hornbill (full name in Malayalam is Mala Muzhakki Vezhambal which refers to its ability to fill the mountainside with the resounding of its wing flaps and calls), and is the state bird of Kerala.
Popular wisdom in Kerala has it that Vezhambal is filled with the yearning for rain. I am not sure how much truth there is in said belief, it probably only being the result of the way the bird sits gazing upwards. One upon a time my brother-in-law attempted to name an animal based on a similar principle. In case you haven’t read my post about it (and if you’d like a laugh, for free, at my expense), head right away in this direction –> Of Rolypolydom, Praying Goat and a Brother-in-law.
Today evening there was a cool breeze blowing, tantalisingly, filled with the scent of rain, from somewhere far away. I turned to look at the mountain ranges to the east and found them covered in a gray haze of ….rain. Rain!
The bits of fluffy gray clouds floating lazily along above me were too young to start anything on their own and soon disappeared. I am hoping they’ll come back with the grownups and all their friends, and start some real action soon.

©Shail Mohan 2016


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