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One of the workers at her desk

One of the places we visited during the Mauritius tour was a factory where they made handcrafted wooden ships. And later we had a look at the finished products on sale in the shop next door. But first the ‘factory’ itself. It was a small room with tables set out and each one busy doing their assigned task. It being a local festival day, many of the workers were on leave. The few who were there carried on with their work as usual even as we trooped in. Probably they have already seen thousands of visitors pour in and out of the room that it was work as usual for them.

So there was this young woman whose task it was to show us around. ‘I’ll explain you,’ she said to the assembled guests and then again, ‘I’ll explain you!’ Of course she meant that she’d explain all about the steps in the making of model ships. But irrepressible me could not help but chuckle and say cheekily,

“Yeah, go right ahead. I’d really LOVE to hear you make a try.”

Of course, I didn’t say that loudly. What, do you think I am rude? It (including the chuckles) happened inside my head, an instantaneous retort, meant only in the lightest sense. I am aware that English is not the first language for many. So most do make mistakes, especially when they try translating from the regional language directly to English. But then it does not mean you cannot have fun at the expense of those mangling the language thus, myself included. But unfortunately some of the bloggers don’t think so. Many are very uptight about anything being made fun of. Even as I write this a few might be off to write a post on what a mean person I am. You’re welcome, darlings. I have given you a topic to write, haven’t I? 

I have landed in many a soup over time (online and off it) because I have made exactly similar kind of jokes. A retort that was not planned and had no malice aforethought, but was merely a spontaneous spur of the moment response, a play of words, gone wrong because the party listening did not appreciate the language. (A couple of years back, my mother told me, with a hint of surprise, that I was funny and I replied, ‘I have always been funny, you just didn’t notice it till now’)

Of course, one can always ASK another about what one has not understood before crucifying the person concerned. But I have learned that hardly anyone ever bothers to do that, even those who profess to be your friends, and are family, are all quick to label you as sharp-tongued rather than sharp-witted. Perhaps it has something to do with their own feelings, a lack of self-esteem. They are quick to give you a bad name and hang you for what they have not understood, and later when they realize their mistake, as they inevitably do, they don’t even have the grace to apologize.

Hmm…The post that started on a light note, has ended on a slightly darker one. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have been attacked by the virus after all, in spite of all the fond hopes of it happening otherwise. The doctor’s orders are R.E.S.T, not to forget to pop half a dozen tablets twice a day, stay indoors AT ALL COST, no going out AT ALL for next three days, and to go see him after a week. But he didn’t say I could not blog, yay! 😉

And yes, I am back home to Luci.


The finished products in the store

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