There! I have gone and done it, informally committed myself in so many words in a reply to a comment. And you know all about me and my commitments, formal or informal. I stick by them, come hail or sunshine. So the good news is that you lucky people are going to be badgered every single day with a new post this August. Do take note though: Terms and Conditions Apply. After all I have to make allowances for things not in my control.

Here I especially point fingers at viruses and such nasty things who scarce pay attention to heartfelt entreaties. Please, not in August, I gotta blog all month, you know. But I am open to being attacked, for a few days mind you, in September or October. How about that? Maybe you could leave now and come back later?  Not that it worked the last time I tried. Tchah! replied the viruses merrily streaming through my system, creating much havoc and sufficiently derailing it to make me crawl into bed and stay put there for the next two weeks. See what I mean? Hence T&C apply.

Having settled all that, let me turn my attention (and yours) to toothbrushes.  If the question being asked at this point is ‘why?’ the answer is, it is because toothbrush is the daily prompt word today and when I saw it I thought, ‘why not?’

Nifty things toothbrushes, you have to agree.  Cleans your teeth of unwanted food residues and keeps them sparkling, and hand-in-hand with toothpaste, keeps your mouth fresh. What a boon for everyone else concerned with us. Did you know, a version of the present bristle form of toothbrush was first used in the late 1400s in China? I didn’t, I just googled it now. The bristles were actually the stiff, coarse hairs taken from the back of a hog’s neck and attached to handles made of bone or bamboo, I read. Imagine, that.

The present day toothbrushes come in so many varieties, soft, medium and hard, inter-dental. The color, the handle shape, the bristle arrangements, they all differ. But…why am I boring you with things you already know? Instead let me lead you to something you did not know and which I have revealed here: The Truth About Toothbrushes.  A modest attempt at humor, if I say so myself. Hope you enjoy it.

©Shail Mohan 2017