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While having lunch at the Ile aux Cerfs, I saw a flash of very bright yellow among the bushes. I couldn’t wait to finish my lunch and go get him. Yes, when it comes to birds, it is the ‘him’ who is flashy, with the ‘her’ being slightly more sober in the color department. So after him I went after gobbling down the fried rice (which was already as cold as could be in the cold and windy day that it was).

He was puzzled as heck at the sound of the camera clicks and had the ‘Eh? What’s that?’ bent to his head. He flitted from branch to branch intent on losing whoever or whatever was making that sound. But I was not to be so easily shaken off and soon enough caught him. ‘My tour is a success as far as I am concerned,’ I told my companion soon after, ‘Whatever else we see/do or not in the coming days, I have shot a bird.’ And it had been the first day of our trip.

Here he is in all his glory.



He looks like a Southern Masked Weaver to me. I could be wrong. But till it is proved I am, I’ll go with it.

©Shail Mohan 2017