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This happened a while back and I had shared it on Facebook. Since it is a funny story, I thought why not share it on my blog as well.

The L&M ( for newbies, that stands for Lord & Master) and I were on our way to the bank with him at the wheel when I suddenly exclaimed:

Me: Ayyo! 
L&M (alarmed): What?
Me: Bwahahhhaha
L&M: (curious) What?
Me: Look what I have in my hand! Bwahahhhaha.
L&M: (impatient and hence irritated by now) What?
Me: Bwahahhhaha. It is Postman Ducky!

Postman Ducky-001

Sure enough, along with the purse and some papers in a file, I was firmly holding on to Postman Ducky as well. The L&M rolled his eyes as if to say, ‘What else can be expected of you?‘ or it could have been ‘Is that all this was about?!

Postman Ducky (named by me) by the way, is a duck who is a postman (duh!) and is the property of Luci. Postman Ducky does not deliver letters, but lends self to being chewed by dogs so they can enjoy hearing it squeak. Labradors, I am sure other dogs too, set great store by toys that squeak. But why I myself was taking Postman Ducky to the bank was, and still remains, a mystery.

Postman Ducky was left in the car while I went about my work in the bank that day. At the end of it all I could not help but wonder what the people at the bank would have thought of me IF I had walked in with a plastic-duck-that-squeaks clutched in my hand. To that my friend Sam had a ready answer: “Eccentric?”

The travails of a dog-Momma! 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017

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