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I find myself in a predicament these days. A topic comes to mind, I make a rough sketch of what to write and then a niggling doubt presents itself: Have I already written about it? Immediately the following conversation starts.

Naah,  I haven’t.
Are you sure?
Of course, I am sure.
Yeah. Like you remember all 1284 posts of yours!
I have written 1284 posts?!!!!
Give or take a few. You have re-blogged half a dozen posts from others.
And yet you were sure you hadn’t already written about this topic.
I haven’t.
Says you. I know better.
Hmm… I DO have faint memory of listing out these points, not of writing them into a post.
So what are you gonna do?
I’ll check to find if I have….
All 1284 posts? You are going to spend how many hours doing that?
Oh no. What will I do now?
Better write something else.
But I was so looking forward to writing this..
Do you want to bore your readers by writing the same crap over and over again?
Then leave this one for later, when you have had time to check….and find out I was right after all.
I hate you.
I just saved you from making a blooper by repeating posts and you hate me? Ungrateful world it is.
Okay, okay. But wait till I find time to read all the posts and prove you wrong.
That will be the day! <yawn>

So you see how it is. I have to come up with impromptu posts like this one till I can find time to read all of them starting with the very first: Where do I begin??

©Shail Mohan 2017