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Mom aka moi and the kiddos are on gmail chat, conferencing.

Mom aka moi: (to the Senior Son): Your bro has a couple of stitches on his forehead.

Senior Son: WHAT?? What happened??

Junior son: Haha.. I hit my head on the corner of the wall in the dark. I miscalculated the turn…. and BANG!

Senior Son: …dang!

Mom aka moi: (to the Senior Son) Same thing happened to you in first grade, you know

Senior Son: I know, but that was first grade.

Junior Son: Haha… I know this is just lame.

Senior Son: (to Mom aka moi) Or maybe he is lying…

Junior Son: (in surprise) Wha…? What else could happen??

Mom aka moi: (mystified) Yeah??

Senior Son: Maybe he is Peter Parker in disguise, fighting crime at night.

😐 😉 😆