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Back to  Ten Thought Tuesday after quite a while. Today’s set has mostly questions.

  1. When they say ‘date a girl who reads’ are they implying every other girl with interests other than reading, is somehow less worthy?
  2. By choosing to unduly praise and not correct mistakes in the written work of others, are the flatterers trying to secure their own position above those same people? And yet, it is the honest ones who are hated, while flatterers have their fawning coterie.
  3. Why do adults feel the need to play the role of unofficial guardians of other adults by limiting praise lest the praise go to their (the recipients’) head. Like, really? Perhaps they (the with-holders of praise) need their heads examined.
  4. Anger is a much maligned emotion and patience a too overrated one. Patience never got the oppressed anything except more oppression.  A blog post on this soon.
  5. Following the above, patience is the luxury the privileged preach to the less privileged. Yup, they who do not have ten minutes to wait in a queue and will bribe their way through just about anything want others to spend their whole life PATIENTLY waiting for things to happen at their own sweet pace (read, never).
  6. What if (Yup, there it is, another ‘what if’!) this is just a bad dream and I wake up to find I made it to Neptune after all? I’d never have to watch the nonsense unfolding around me, here or across the globe on the other side, also so many other places.
  7. Every time a molestation happens or an attempt is made, people -the unfeeling, insensitive, selfish boors/jerks among us- go on and on about it not being our culture for girls to be out alone at night. Well, IS IT ‘OUR’ CULTURE FOR MEN TO ATTEMPT AND MOLEST ANY LONE WOMAN THEY SEE ON THE ROAD?!!!! Try and answer that you bleddy morons. IF that is our culture, then I don’t want any part of it, not even the best parts. I’d rather be someone without ‘culture’.
  8. What the hell is wrong with parents of daughters? Why do they send a daughter back to an abusive husband? So they can beat their chest and wail over her dead body when she is eventually killed? Yes, that will get them a lot of sympathy whereas taking her back means they will draw flak. Sorry, none from me though.
  9. What if I dyed my hair aquamarine? The shock on some faces would be reward enough.
  10. Gosh. I have blogged for a week already!

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