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I have noticed something interesting right from my early blogging days at Yahoo: The readers of my blog are mostly women. When I say ‘mostly’ I actually mean something like ‘MOSTLY’. The number of female readers have always beat male readers hollow throughout all these years.

Of the male readers I started off with, only a few stuck around for a while before dropping off the blog altogether (that though cannot be said to be an exclusively male behavior, women readers have dropped out too). Among the present male visitors there is Govind who has been around a considerable time but still hasn’t given up on me, and also the comparatively new reader, Mick Canning, to name two. (Updated to add: If you happen to be a lurker, this dear male reader, is the time to de-lurk and let yourself be counted). The rest of the repeat ‘offenders’ who visit are all, I can safely say, from Planet Venus.

Is there a reason for it? I think I do have an answer for the question. But since I am not sure, I’ll wait and give it more thought rather than blurt it out prematurely.

This should have been my post yesterday, the micro blog for Monday. But when I logged in, what with being carried away with the latest news and getting involved with the moves at scrabble game, the topic slipped my mind. That was why I had to make a post out of nothing at the last minute.

There are more posts going round and round in my head, waiting to be written. But the month for ramblings has come to an end. Of course there are marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre… you get the drift. Don’t be surprised by my sudden switch to Spanish names of the months of the year. That’s just my Spanish lessons kicking in. Yup, I am learning the language, just for the heck of it. One day, some day, may be I’ll write a small post in Spanish. Well, I can always dream, can’t I? But truth be told, I am only looking to speaking the language and to throw in a few words now and then in my posts too. Just kidding.

So yeah, I’ll be seeing you all around, lots of blogs to catch up on, also comments to answer. February has been one of the busiest months in ‘real’ life. I just about managed to complete the challenge somehow or other. Thanks to all those who took the time out to fly with me. ❤

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