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The morning sky reflected on a rain-splattered windshield

After dillydallying, procrastinating, beating about the bush, giving scores of false alarms, making promises by the dozen and then backtracking, the clouds finally condescended to give of their bounty to us needy souls late last night. Rain poured luxuriously down, kissing roofs and branches alike, splashing dusty leaves and dustier eaves, slithering down tree trunks and walls seductively  to be deliciously lapped up by the parched earth.  It was music to ears, a lullaby that caressed you to a dreamless and uninterrupted sleep. Well, almost uninterrupted should I say, for the dog had to play spoil sport and rouse me.

Determined not to wake myself up fully, so that I could get back to my sleep as soon as Luci was done, I had one eye still tightly shut. Out of the other partially open one that I used to navigate the room, I observed the dog and found her standing still, staring at the open door as if puzzled, ‘Does Mom want me to go out at this time of the night, and that too when its raining?’ Oh yeah, blame me, the one who you woke up and opened the door for you too, you whatchamacallit dog! I didn’t want to lose any more sleep on a dog who couldn’t make up her mind and so shut the door and went back to curl up in my bed, and thankfully, so did she.


Lazy dog Luci wondering whether she should follow Mom or just stay put

©Shail Mohan 2017


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