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Once in a while I try my hand at brightening Luci‘s life (or should that have been ‘my life’?) by making improvements in Luci’s wardrobe and bringing to the fore the style diva side of her. After all she wears the same costume year in and out. So a little change now and then should liven things up a bit. Or so I think.

It is true that once in a while she takes things into her own hand and tries shedding her fur all over the place in an attempt to look different. I have tried telling her it is of no use. It only results in my having to sweep it all up and offering the lot to birds in the vicinity to line their nests. There’s hardly any improvement in her appearance. So I beg her to let me make some improvements.

And she lets me! 

Don’t go by the long-suffering expression she sports at times. In reality she enjoys our img_20170214_161319experimenting sessions a LOT. The expression is merely one she is supposed to sport by the rules of the Labradorean society or something.  She tells me she hasn’t signed any papers or anything. It’s all an unspoken agreement they have. The Labradors have to look sad, though they aren’t (or something to the effect). Personally I think it is to wheedle more treats and cuddles from humans.

Anyway, this time around, Luci was too involved to follow the unwritten rules of the Labradorean world. She was thrilled to have the tattered Dog Lion (With a head of a dog and tail of a lion and an extra long body, what else could I name it?) whose stuffing she had pulled out some months back (and Mom still preserves it!), draped around her neck that she smiled in excitement.

Is that a muffler, Mom? she asked. Is it winter yet? Or am I the Muffler Dog now? Do I need to fight crime? 

img_20170214_161407I shushed her and asked her to sit still while I clicked a couple of pictures. We don’t have winters in the south of India, I explained while trying out a different look next. This time around, the Dog Lion framed her head.

Ooooh! Is it a crown? Am I a Princess, Mom? Yes, I am a Princess, right?

Of course you are! You are my Princess! I told her. Now sit still. Let me take more pictures. I am rambling about you, today. 

On hearing me, she sat still and donned a serious expression as befit a member of a royal household (and of course of the Labradorean society)

©Shail Mohan 2017