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Were you talking of styles and being stylish? Then I am afraid it is Luci you are thinking of. Her Mommeee is no good at this. At all. Now, Luci is a different matter. She may look and act silly at times and fool you into thinking she is just another goofy dog. But oh, how mistaken you’d be if you believe that. When she wants to, she can come all the Grand Dame over you and you’d end up curling into a ball at her feet. She can also be the stylish fashionista when it pleases her, which is like most of the time, and elicit gasps of admiration from those around. If you don’t believe me, I’ll let the pictures do rest the talking, butting in only to explain each picture.


Luci sporting the One-eared Look she adopted when all other dogs were following the two ear norm.


Luci using sunglasses as an accessory in dog-styles


I loved her look enough to borrow these glasses from her for myself.


Luci in her flowery headgear made out of a multicolored stole


Look how she carries off this bright single colored stole tied around her neck in layers leaving the ends to fall gracefully on one side of her neck.


This is borrowed from the Indian-bahu-look though let me hasten to add, Luci is no promoter of keeping women in veils.


Luci is as much at ease and also stylish, covered in dirt from the garden.

©Shail Mohan 2016

Daily Prompt: Stylish