Today I am in no position to ramble, instead am all set to fall asleep where I am sitting. Yesterday my head almost collided with the keyboard, but I woke in the nick of time and saved both my head and the keyboard to write a lengthy post. Today, frankly speaking, I’d rather be in bed than write a post. So sleepy am I.

But. I am like the terrier with the bone. I won’t give up on my daily blogging, not if I can help it. So here I am sleepily rambling before Sleep claims me for its own making it impossible for my fingers to tap-dance.

By the way, there is a reason behind my feeling so sleepy. The past few weeks have been leading up to a much looked forward event in the family: the wedding of my nephew. A wedding means a gathering of family members from different parts of the country, which in turn means lots of yakkety yak happening, which results in blog-writing having to be postponed to late night sittings, which finally translates to less hours spent asleep.

As everyone knows already, if you try to cheat Sleep, you pay for it dearly. Sleep is not going to take your neglect lying down, or be philosophical about it and move on. It happens. No worries. No, Sleep is NOT going to say that with magnanimity. Sleep hides, and bides its time. Just when you sigh in relief thinking you have tricked Sleep into staying away for one more day while you belt out your blog song, it rears its head and socks you one on the jaw (or head) and you simply fall asleep in a heap before you can even say ‘Goodnight folks!’

Now with the wedding done with, I am not going to wait around for Sleep to sock me or fell me in a heap. Instead I’ll beat Sleep to it and say it myself: Goodnight, good people! See you all tomorrow after catching up on a full night’s sleep.

©Shail Mohan 2017