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Rambling doesn’t come easy

when the brain is foggy

and you are feeling crappy

bleary-eyed and sleepy.


Ideas that were pushy

hide behind veils coyly

plots become sketchy

words vanish in a flurry.


I could write about the chickpea

who climbed up a chimney

was picked up by a birdie

and ended up as chutney.


Then there is the kewpie

curly haired and chubby

I suppose he had a granny

who fed him lots of gravy.


Have you heard of the pixie

who hogged on jelly

spent whole days blithely

sprawled on the couch, lazily?


I could document the journey

of a gypsy and a hippie

one with knock-knee

the other grubby and jowly


All said and done, this post clearly

is one that is, totally cheesy

but one cannot be choosy

when drowsy and groggy.



©Shail Mohan 2015