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It is the break that did it, the traveling to another city, the shopping sprees, the chit-chats late into the night, then the travel back, meeting of kith, kin et al. Mind you, during the break itself I stuck close to my schedule, *rambling* religiously every night before going to sleep. Yet, now that I am back home, ensconced in my familiar chair, with Luci at my feet, I find that the plots instead of ‘thickening’ have suddenly dissipated, leaving nothing behind, no crumbs whatsoever for one to use as clues.

Rummy thing, plots. They crowd your head clamoring for attention and wanting to be written about, ‘NOW!’ when you are busy or otherwise occupied. But the moment you are finally free to stretch your legs, and invite them over for a tête-à-tête, they act all coy and hard to get. They tell you they will meet you sometime in the morrow, or may be the day after, perhaps in a week or most likely (insert evil laughter) never ever.

I know this sort of thing happens to many people who write. The trick is to keep your cool, not wail or crib or even grind your teeth to a pulp (just think of all those painful visits to the dentist!) at the shoddy treatment you have got at the hands of them plots you were looking forward to blithely writing. Instead, beat the thingamabobs at their own game by giving them the Royal Ignore (Yup, I am a huge fan). Unruffled, sit at your table and write about Whatever Comes To Mind (exactly like I am doing now). So what if it makes no sense to anyone? So what if log (people) look at you askance for writing gibberish? The fact that the log opined it was gibberish is in itself a huge victory for it means the log actually read it, right? So there.

The thing about ignoring those elusive plots is that when they find themselves not getting the attention they crave for, they come back, crawl back would be a better term, and start dancing (and prancing) to get you to notice them once again. Now, here’s the tricky part. Do not fall for their lovey-dovey sweet-talk about not going to leave you ever again. They will, at the first chance they get. Put them in their place by telling them outright that you are not going to place your trust in them ever again. Glare at them a good deal. Then, with great deliberation, take pen and paper out and note down what they have to tell you, every single time. Make copies. Stick them all over the place. Then, THEN, they will think twice about doing a Houdini on you.

Note: The author is not responsible if the strategy outlined above does not work. She being a lazy whatchamacallit has never made the effort to stretch her hand for pen and paper. Noting things down is a concept alien to her. So try it at your own risk 😉


©Shail Mohan 2015