On popular demand (okay, that I admit is a bit of exaggeration!), here are more of them -isms from my idle brain. If stones are pelted I hope Deeps and Pixie come to my rescue! And just in case you wanna read what came before, you can find them here (Shailisms) and here (Second batch of Shailisms)

  1. One person’s fact is another person’s fiction, or vice versa.
  2. Some butterflies (or sunsets) look more beautiful to some people depending on who clicked them.
  3. In the movies, the one who does not accept any dowry is the hero, but in real life the one who extracts maximum dowry becomes the hero.
  4. Cheekiness begets bitterness and enmity. Sometimes one has to quietly swallow the best funny retorts to keep peace.
  5. Why are humans who follow blindly called ‘sheep’? By the sheer number of humans who are seen doing the blind following (in spite of being blessed with a brain capable of thinking), I feel it is the sheep who should be (derogatorily) called ‘humans’.
  6. As long as women themselves are apologetic about their concern for the welfare and rights of women being interpreted as feminism, there is no hope for women, none at all.
  7. I don’t care for symbols. I only care for what it symbolizes. A symbol is meaningless independent of what it signifies.
  8. If women stopped faking orgasm men will no more have inflated… egos.
  9. When your back is to the light, you see shadows in front of you. Face the light, the shadows fall behind. It is YOUR choice, whether you want to lead or let the shadows lead you.
  10. When I ask the question WHY, don’t bother to tell me why it is so (Duh! As if I didn’t know), rather tell me WHY IT SHOULD BE SO.

Till I think up new ones and am back again, go take that well needed rest 😉

NaBloPoMo November 2013