It is time for the next batch of Shailisms to be offloaded on an unsuspecting public. This batch continues from here. Thanks once again to Jakey and his Jakeisms for the inspiration.

  1. Don’t blame those who try to divide, it is those who LET THEMSELVES BE DIVIDED who are at fault.
  2. Everyone has a mother and mothers have tongues. So what is so special about any particular one?? Language chauvinism is such a bore.
  3. It is easy to spot habitual liars: they disbelieve even your truths. Conversely, spot the Β honest and straightforward: they believe your lies too.
  4. A tree doesn’t shout out loud about the strength and efficacy of its roots but proves it by its own majestic bearing, solid trunk, strong branches, green leaves, beautiful and colorful flowers and luscious fruits. Wish humans would learn a lesson or two from them, stop blabbering about their ‘roots’ and instead prove through their life that they indeed do have roots.
  5. Sometimes you find good people behind bad intentions and bad people behind good intentions
  6. Fools rent out their brains to the green-eyed monster with no returns; smart ones keep the prime location for personal use, gaining from it.
  7. Those men who (proudly) proclaim ‘We men are like this’ should be the first to admit and accept, ‘They women are like that’ and let it be.
  8. How come an Indian man expects his wife to treat his mother with respect and love but feels it is alright for his mother(and him) to ill-treat the mother of his children (his wife)?
  9. It is called mother tongue NOT because father seldom gets to speak it, but because FATHER IS SELDOM AROUND TO SPEAK IT.
  10. I have found the one sure answer to all questions with regard to life and that is: THERE IS NO SINGLE ANSWER TO ANYTHING.

Okay, that’s it for now. As usual more will be inflicted on readers, but after a suitable gap. I don’t want my readers running away in horror, do I? Thank you for suffering my wisdom nonsense.