Once upon a time I knew someone called Jakey. He referred to his observations on life (sometimes funny, at times sarcastic, but always profound) as Jakeisms. Though I am no match for him, I am taking a leaf out of his book and calling some of my own observations, though superficial, as Shailisms. I hope that is okay by Jakey.

So here are a few Shailisms.

  1. People differ in looks, nature, temperament… so do their definition of ‘love’. Whatever the differences, when you find another whose definition of ‘love’ coincides with your own, voila, you have a successful relationship. (This is my rule of half-circles, and the answer to the question you asked, IHM)
  2. It is amusing to watch how every generation without fail ties itself into knots and literally MAKES itself miserable and agitated over everything the next generation does (what they wear or do not, among a lot of other things). When will the truth hit home??
  3. The need to knowโ€ฆ what do they know of it, they who do not want to know or they who think they know.
  4. Donโ€™t force friendship. Let it happen.
  5. When people are good to you and ‘give’ you of themselves in a never before manner, it is time to wonder: What guilt are they trying to assuage by this unusual generosity??
  6. Why do some people think it is okay to categorize something they have not really understood as ‘not good enough’??
  7. As a mother of two, I don’t expect the younger to achieve the standard set by the older, but rather find and set his own level. I view my creations (writings) the same way I do my children, each born of me, but different and unique They are not expected to achieve any standard set by those that came earlier; they set their own.
  8. Bachelors are true saviors of women. Some woman somewhere is being given a chance in life every time a man decides to remain one.
  9. Will insistent and loud repetitions transform a lie to truth?? Yes, it does for those who prefer the lie to truth. Those who matter will care to look for the truth behind the lies and they will find it …eventually.
  10. Some people judge a book by its cover, others a blog by its title.

More will be inflicted on readers as and when they occur to me. Thank you for suffering my wisdom nonsense.