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“I don’t quite get the point of the NYT article – is it to say that not all Indian men are bad but there are some good ones, too? To start with, I don’t think anyone is saying all men are jerks or that all Indian men are jerks. It’d be foolish to make a generalization like that. But it’s important to recognize that even if the men in your life love you and care about you, they can still hold patriarchal beliefs that give the men who want to hurt you the sanction to do so.”

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A lot of men on my Facebook timeline have been sharing this link to a New York Times article enthusiastically, happy that at last, someone is speaking up for the ‘decent Indian male’. You know, the one who doesn’t go on a rampage raping everything female in sight but is instead the checked-shirt wearing office-goer who is tirelessly working for his family. Like the guys here:

Kafila has already written a rather caustic critique of the article, but I still want to write my two rupees worth. As has been pointed out in the critique, I think it’s quite a simplistic view to classify men as either the feral types (who are curiously from the lower classes) or the decent husband/father types.

I’m sharing my airplane + baby experiences here as the NYT piece uses it as evidence (?!) to show that decent Indian males exist. ‘Strong familial commitment’…

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