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Look at this pretty little thing. It is called the Plains Cupid, scientific name Chilades pandava, and is a species of Lycaenid butterfly found in countries such as India and Singapore. (Wiki). To the best of my knowledge this is a male.

Funny, how it is no longer about photography alone, or clicking the best picture. Combined with it is the curiosity to know more of the subjects captured by the lens. What are they called? Where do they frequent? What do they eat? How do you differentiate the male and the female? What are their special characteristics, if any?

It is amazing how your interests evolve and your horizons expand along with it. All these past years I have been around Planet Earth (and I have been around quite long indeed) I never knew even a fraction of the things that I do now, about the flora and fauna around me. It took a camera in hand (and of course, time) to bring the interest to the fore.

Our education system is a dud, or at least was during my days. We learnt of stuff from books, in the most boring way possible. The criterion for choosing them for inclusion in textbooks seemed to be that they should make the students feel drowsy at all costs. Anyways, what’s the use of telling students of the rich biodiversity of India when you won’t take them out and let them experience it? The adults were no better. They either didn’t know anything themselves (like me all these years) or weren’t bothered (which I am not). If you are a grown-up your main hobby is to denounce the next generation as no good. That seems to be the only way some can feel good about themselves. What a pity. No, don’t look at me. I don’t do that as I believe every generation has its pluses and minuses. But I can already hear parents much younger than me parroting the same old lines. That’s even more of a pity. It seems we won’t be taking responsibility for our actions any time soon.

Coming back, luckily in today’s world,  we don’t have to depend for knowledge on those in our immediate vicinity. Google (and others) comes to your rescue and lets you find things for yourself. All you need is an internet connection. You can also connect with like-minded people wherever in the world they live, and join interesting groups. And THAT is simply awesome. 

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Update on 07/11/2013: I have changed the title of the post from The Lesser Grass Blue and other things to Plains Cupid and other things, because I just learnt I got the name of the butterfly wrong.