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I am beginning to think my friends are right. They, I mean the birds,  are coming to me to get their portfolio made. Look who came over yesterday. This guy with the fancy head gear and painted whiskers. He is the Red-whiskered Bulbul.


Not content with getting himself photographed, he came back with the queen of his heart, and wanted lovey-dovey twosome pictures clicked with her.

629 618 610

This here is Mr. Kingfisher who was trying to impress his girlfriend sitting on another cable close by. I don’t know whether she was, but I certainly was floored by his performance.


But I guess, she WAS impressed because then she joined him in a synchronized performance. Stunning, actually that I almost forgot to click.


(Well this is all my imagination. Being practically an ignoramus about birds, I could be wrong about bird intentions! Perhaps they were both males and were trying to outdo each other to impress the third one, who probably was the female, sitting on a cable higher up).

Anyways, who should alight on the same cable, the portfolio one?! This little tweeter. Doesn’t he/she look oh so fluffy and cute, almost like a toy? Anyone wanna identify this little ball of fluff?


And now I am left wondering who is going to be next. Any guesses?