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Today I reaped a bonanza and am doing a happy dance. It was the usual morning hour. I was sipping chai and had just switched on the laptop, when I heard a bird tweet outside. Luci, who knows the routine, was out in a jiffy peeping over the half wall of the balcony. I was in two minds, should I just take a look at all my favorite sites, a very quick look that is, or go check the bird. The bird won of course. I grabbed my camera and made for the balcony where Luci turned and gave me a look that said, “What took you so long?!”

I scanned the trees around to spot the tweeter and there it was, a Tailor Bird sitting on a cable right across the balcony. In my excitement I fumbled with my camera controls. I could not even focus right and much to my disappointment the bird flew away….. only to land on a cable even closer. It seemed to say, “So here I am. Click me!” Okay, I fumbled again, but this time I managed to get some shots in before it flew away.



I bet you can’t guess what happened next?! A (female) Purple-rumped Sunbird flew in and sat on the same cable as if to say, “I am next. Click me!” I couldn’t believe my eyes.



I remember someone telling me in jest (about an Oriental Magpie Robin that flew into my room some days back) that it had come to have its portfolio made by the Shutterbug Lady. Today it looked like it was actually happening!

Sigh. Then the Sunbird flew away too (but I guess I will see more of it, since a pair of them seem to have a nest right in my garden) and whom do I see watching proceedings from yonder Papaya tree? Half hidden was this Mynah who seemed to disapprove of this whole portfolio business. Look at how censorious its look is!



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