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I have never been good at sticking to any sort of routine however much I wished to. My admiration for those who followed timetables being pretty high, I have put a whole lot of effort to follow their example. But failure was the only result. Soon I had to reluctantly I admit to myself that mine was not to be such an orderly life that ran on oiled wheels on the same lines each day. I was a bohemian at heart, and other than the absolutely necessary times in life like when I had to see that the L & M and the children got their meals on time so they could go their respective ways to office and school/college, I simply followed my heart in everything.

My days even in the present are never predictable. One day I’d have finished all my work by 8 a.m. and would be walking around with my camera trying to spot birds or butterflies. Another day I might laze the whole day reading or surfing the net and cook only at 4 p.m. Though I have on innumerable occasions made plans to sleep at the same time everyday, each night I go to bed at different times. See what I mean? I don’t like to have any set schedule hanging over my head. It cramps my style and feels restrictive. Considering this, it is a miracle that I have my meals on time, or maybe it’s because I don’t have a choice but to eat at regular times now.

Anyways, such being things, when it was announced on IndiBlogeshwaris to go after that one ‘elusive’ thing and try to catch hold of it during the month of May, I thought, why not? Let me give it a try (one last try) to stick to a routine for just one month. Well, I take this opportunity to announce to ye all Blogeshwaries, that I have once again failed. I can’t stick to a routine for peanuts or gold, ummm… maybe for love I could stretch things a bit, but for nothing else I am afraid. Am I unhappy that I failed? Hell, no! So after one whole month, here I am, happy and cheerful as ever, my same old bohemian self. Please don’t disown me gals for having failed you.

Now, a word about the IndiBlogeshwaris. It is a group on Facebook of women of toughstance, brainchild of Vinita, ably assited by Corinne and Janaki. I am not a ‘group’ person. So when somebody roped me into this highly interactive group, I chose to watch the fun mostly from the sidelines, only occasionally joining in. But then that’s just the introvert me that has no override button for the introversion. I enjoy the fun everyone is having whether I join in or not. Apart from the whole lot of fun, there is help and support for everyone. I have to admit I spend way too much time reading all that goes on in IndiBlogeshwaris. Read more about the group here (link)

Today this interesting group is turning one. Here’s to all the Blogeshwaries on their first birthday. May we celebrate many more!

This collage was created by Garima Obrah