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How many of you have seen the ad, the one where a girl or a boy steps out of a building into the sun and leaps high, throwing papers she/he has been holding, high up into the air scattering them halter shelter?

I don’t quite remember what the ad was about. Perhaps the girl/boy had got admission in a college of their choice, or found a job they desired. In either case though I wouldn’t know why they had to go about throwing sheets of papers up into the air. I mean, documents right? Probably appointment letters or admission forms, things to be treated with the due respect they deserve. But anything goes in ads when people have to be shown as being extremely happy. While everyone else is lost in the visual effects of the ad it is only some like me who go tsk tsk tsk worrying about the damage to important papers.


Gorblimey. Now I have lost the thread to what I intended saying. Trust me to go wandering off narrow paths themselves and end up not knowing where I was headed in the first place. Let’s see. Why did I bring up the topic of the ad? Think Shail, think. Ad of happy people leaping into the air and…. Ahh happy people leaping into the air. That’s it. That’s exactly it. Happy. Leaping. Throwing papers in the air. The exact three things that were on my mind when I walked out of the doctor’s door.

I guess that’s not enough and I have to make things clearer.

You see, today I got an excellent report from the doctor and it was all I could to not throw my reports in the air and prance around much on the lines of the ad. My diabetes is very much under control for the second consecutive quarter (umm…or is it the third?) that it is almost like I don’t have diabetes. And like the L&M likes to say, it’s all mehnat ka phal (fruits of labor). I think I will celebrate the occasion by having an ice-cream. One teeny scoop of the salted caramel with roasted almonds please. Or wait….should I go for the blueberry cheesecake? Never mind, I will just be the strong and not have none at all.

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