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I have always wondered why people who profess to have ‘faith’ are so insecure ….of their faith. I mean where’s the confidence in your faith if your feathers get ruffled so easily, either by someone not having blind faith in the same things the way you do or by a cartoon or a painting or a song or a story?

If someone expresses disbelief in any kind of mumbo-jumbo, the ‘faithful’ immediately go into defensive mode. Mumbo-jumbo comforts me and doesn’t harm you in anyway, they argue. So why should it bother you? they ask. Fair point. Umm… but do you know what’s funny? They never ask themselves that self same question. The non-belief of others doesn’t harm them in any way, does it? So why do they get all hot and bothered when they come across it?

I mean look at it this way. If I say I don’t believe in your God, any God, ideally it shouldn’t affect you at all. Your God according to you is all powerful anyway and shouldn’t mind puny me and know to deal with whatever ‘nonsense’ I say. If I tell you stars are not angels keeping watch over humans, that they are huge bodies made mostly of hydrogen and helium and other elements, ditto, it should bother you even less. For one its a fact, for another, MY COMFORT believing what I wish to believe, same and as important as yours.

What is amusing to me is how this insecurity is common to every faith. The different faiths may bicker between themselves, but put a non-believer (of any faith) among them and the reaction is the same. They will all join hands in a rare show of solidarity. Suddenly all Gods are bosom buddies and the non-believers become the enemies to be annihilated.

Oh well!

© Shail Mohan 2023