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I had been waiting for someone for a while now… and they have finally arrived. It should all be smooth sailing from now on.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Miss Asus developed line-disease. Or maybe she thought painting herself in lines all over was the cool thing to do. Whatever, what started off as an irritating couple of lines which could be safely ignored, turned into a a full page ad sort of thing. Lines all over and so closely packed!

What’s your intention Miss Asus, I asked politely. She was disdainfully silent. Take me as I am or leave me, was her attitude. Oh well. No choice there. After all, though Little Miss iPad was helping out, I was still sticking to Miss Asus like glue. No gratitude, I tell you. So I finally decided it was indeed time to leave.

Around the time Santa Claus was going around and climbing down chimneys to leave people gifts, I got intimation that I am due for one too. Not from the white-bearded, red clad fellow from the North Pole. Duh! It was the Second Born and he followed it up with, ‘Happy New Year, Amma!’. Anew year gift was on its way!

I waited with bated breath. Nah! I was tripping around on happy feet (at my age, I tell you!) singing. The repertoire of songs included my favourites from all languages from around the globe, the lyrics didn’t matter. By the way, fortunately for everyone around me, I was only singing them in my mind. Anyways…

And then finally the day arrived when I could sing (in my mind, again!), ‘Aayiye aapka intezaar tha!’ (Loose translation ‘Please come in, I have been waiting for you).

The Pro.

I know Little Miss iPad is feeling miffed. But I couldn’t help but fall in love with the new someone. Sorry little one. Please move over. I will still use you to play my games. But this here is where I conduct my business of blogging from now on! 😉