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December is not the month for it. No way.

It is the last month of the year. Everyone’s waiting for it to just get over so they can welcome the one from the brand new year waiting just around the corner. That is especially the case with this year, Twenty Twenty, the most memorable of years in recent times, for all the wrong things. People can’t wait for it to get over. They are hoping Twenty Twenty-One will be different.


December is not just the last month and/or the gateway to the new year, but also and more importantly, it is the month of festivities. It is the holiday season, the time of the year when most people spend time away from the net and with their families. It is no different for me. Though being away frm the net is a moot point, I definitely spend more time with my family.

December is the time of the year when the children come home and we are once again (for a week at least) more than just two old people plus a dog in a house too big and empty for us. We instead become two old people plus a dog, plus three younger people. There is the aroma of favorite foods being cooked, laughter echoing and good old exchange of news, and aimless chatter, the last mostly done by yours truly while indulged by the rest.

And so…

December is when I give blogging a rest – not completely, that’s asking too much of me – and invest more in posting ‘reruns’ of old posts on my blog’s Facebook page. Not that anyone reads them. Everyone is in the holiday mood. Who wants to read sad poetry or silly slap-stick comedy anyway? Or even a rant on gender or other social issues, especially when everyone is in a Christmassy mood?


Twenty Twenty, by inviting Covid-19 to be the star of the year during its twelve month run has changed the old order of things. By its action, it has locked humanity away and brought life as we know it to a stand still. No one’s coming home, in most homes. Not this year. This year there will be no holding court amidst my family or even playing the jester or chef. That is the reason why I took what can be called an unlikely decision for December: To do a blogathon.


Watch out good people. If you are like me and don’t have family visiting, and being at a loose end up at my blog, you will find it churning out a post per day. I have much to say. Or may be nothing at all, it all depends. And as you already know, I am rather good at doing the latter using up as many words as I possibly can. πŸ˜‰

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