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My house today looks like a sick bay. Out of the four inhabitants, two are sick with viral fever. The L&M is holding the fort on his own, taking the sick to the doctor, feeding soup and toast bread (or kanji as the case may be), as also making sure the sick take their medicines on time.

He is ably assisted by Luci who knows that what sick people need most, along with food and medicines, is a good dose of tail wagging.

By evening the L&M could be heard coughing. Looks like the sahara (support/help) of the previous days is going to fall sick himself. I shudder to think of tomorrow.

That leaves only Luci. I am sure she is stocking up on drool-filled kisses, because she knows only so much can be achieved by wagging tails. Drool-filled kisses on the other hand are on a different level altogether, the best medicine according to her. Generous that she is, she is willing to distribute them to whoever needs unstintingly.

Understandably so, I am signing off earlier today, before anyone comes along and finds me going tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap. Shh…. Not a word, people!

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