Shail proposed, with much fanfare, that she would blog every single day in August. Alas! Little did she know of an inconspicuous virus which had called a meeting of its cronies. Being the head honcho of that particular band of viruses, they all gathered around to listen.

‘Friends, Romans and Viruses!‘ it began.

What do you mean why it called upon Romans in its speech? That’s not germane to the issue at hand. It continued:

Let’s whoop it up! And when I say that I mean et tu, Brutus. Where do you think you are off to? Stand right where I can keep my eyes on you. Of course I don’t trust you. Who would, with a name like that? Anyway, what we are going to do next is…. umm…er… Now look what you have done. I have lost my train of thought! I’ll have to start again.’

Friends, Roman and Viruses! No time like the present to ‘dispose’ of what Shail has proposed. She shall not raise her head for one week at least, let alone, blog. Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s how it happened.

What followed was a battle royal. It involved tons of pills, bottles of cough syrup, buckets of hot soups and barrels of water, not to mention needles poked left, right and centre. At the end of it all, here I am, tired but victorious, having vanquished the lot of them in battle. Hurrah! From tomorrow it shall be business as usual. 😉

© Shail Mohan 2019