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Sometimes you just have to just get down to it even though circumstances are not conducive. Yeah, there are books to be read, shows to be watched, mobile games to be played (especially if it is one made by the son!), places to go to, birds and butterflies to be watched and photographed, the sky to be gazed at, raindrops (also dew drops) marveled at, Luci to spend time with, people to attend to…. The list is endless.

But then your true love tugs at your heart and you start getting restless. Why are you neglecting me? You are waiting for the right time to manifest itself. Don’t you know there’s never the perfect time? You have to MAKE things happen. Come on, make time for me!

And so I thought: Why not? Make things happen, I mean.

Like a true lover, I decided to take the plunge without pausing to think of repercussions like a dish or two getting burnt, a question or two (more like a dozen, to be truthful) going unanswered causing eyebrows to be raised and eyes rolled behind my back etc, etc. Frankly, by now everyone around should be used to my suddenly switching off and also the late nights in front of the computer. Shhh! Don’t tell my doctor though. He thinks I should sleep more.

The more important question here is: Will I be able to pull it off this time? Well, I won’t know if I don’t try. Will I? So, I am ready to roll, to try and find out if the old passion is still as strong, if it can resist the distractions of present conditions of life. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing me all of August, shooting my mouth off, or rather in this case, letting my fingers do the tap dancing on the keyboard.

Here we go again!

© Shail Mohan 2019